Electric Eye - Live at BLÅ LP-release


Perfect Sounds Forever presenterer:

Electric Eye - Live at BLÅ LP-release  // Landmark 29.november / 21.00   (NB! Konserten er flyttet fra Garage)

Electric Eye, out of Bergen, Norway, play droned out, psychedelic, space-rock. The band released their fourth album, From The Poisonous Tree, in November 2017. The release stands out as their most diverse so far, and received great reviews from all over the globe. 
It sounds like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made yet, it’s villainy acid prog, it’s ethno jazz, it’s old school hip hop grooves mixed with the easily recognizable Electric Eye sound, ready to pull you into a whirlwind of psychedelic and hypnotic rhythms. 

Now the band are heading out to present the jams from Broen studio, Bergen, live.

”Heavy, but utterly groovy…this has to be one of the standout psych releases of 2017.” Shindig Magazine

”Electric Eye elevate to captivate, they have the power to seduce a soul ascendent. With a post-Roses spin on a 60s soundtrack vibe here, a celestial sitar there, the succulent fruits of this particular tree are as seductive as Eve’s apples.” – Classic Rock Magazine�
”The grooves of «From the Poisonous Tree» er equally indebted to classic German expressionists like Can and Kraftwerk as they are Hawkwind and Floyd” - Prog Magazine

” .. a stringently structured, flab free journey through virtuoso fireworks, dramatic mood/tempo changes and trance-out nirvana. – MOJO

★★★★★★ ”Spiralling Norwegian prog with funky underbelly.” - UNCUT


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