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Perfect Sounds Forever presenterer:


Landmark / 14.april / dører 20.00 / konsertstart 21.00

After a successful set of tours in the USA, the Colombian psychedelic funk trio embarks on their first Europe expedition. With a headlining show at the X2 festival in Volda Norway as well as other fine Scandinavian dates for the first time ever, BALTHVS prepares for this Ashes tour 2024, showcasing their new album 'Third Vibration' and new songs that have never been played before live.


BALTHVS is a psychedelic funk trio formed in 2020. Best known for their eclectic style, which fuses elements of Turkish Music, Disco, House, Funk, Psychedelia, Indie, Jam, Surf Rock and Cumbia into a cohesive whole. The band is notable for their energetic shows, live improvisation and prolific output. Since their formation, the band has released over 34 singles and 3 full length albums, accumulating over 6.8 million streams worldwide. With 4 US Tours under their belt, having played the biggest music festival in Colombia (Rock al Parque) and performed in SXSW twice, the band is eager to make more music and share their sonic voyage with the world.  


ID: 18 år (for vergeordning kontakt Landmark)


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